F@$k It Friday: Friends and Love


Several years ago, a good friend of mine sent out a note to her best friends.

“I am ready to meet someone. You know who I am. I trust you.”

That was it. There were no preconditions. There were no demands. She put her faith in her friends. Eventually, she was introduced to a pretty fabulous guy. Her request paid off.

I have been thinking about that experience, this week, because of Valentine’s Day. I know so many awesome, single people. You know what? No one else has ever asked me to make an introduction like that. I think it should happen more.

So I’m throwing out a challenge to my best friends who are single. I’m a recruiter. I know lots of guys. And I know lots of women. I could make this happen for you.

(If you’re not a best friend of mine, you know it. And I’m sorry. This offer doesn’t apply to you. But you should do this with your best friends.)

I wonder if anyone in my inner circle will take me up on this offer, eh? If I were single, I’d jump at the chance. I think your friends know your values the most. They can see what you can’t see, too.

I’m asking my single friends: What if you dropped all your rules that really aren’t working for you, anyway, and said yes a little more than you said no?

I think this could be interesting!

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