F@%k It Friday: Should I Bring It Back?


Years ago, I started a series on my old blog called F@%k It Friday. I wanted to write one blog post/week that had nothing to do with Human Resources or career advice.

When I killed Punk Rock HR, I killed F@%k It Friday. It was such a hallmark of the old brand, and I really wanted to start fresh and create some new ideas. Also, I wanted to force myself to stay away from the internet on Friday.

So two things happened.

  1. I stopped using F@%k It Friday and I created a series called Off the Grid Fridays — but it’s the same goddamn thing. And I don’t stay off the internet on Friday.
  2. Also, some people don’t like Off the Grid Fridays and not a week goes by that someone doesn’t write and tell me, “I miss F@%k It Friday.”

So what should I do? Should I bring it back? Create a new Friday series? Or leave it alone and worry about more pressing issues like AIDS in Africa or the ongoing violence against women in Haiti?

Man, the world is complicated and I miss F@%k It Friday. What do you think, peeps?

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