Flirting @ Work: Advice From Your Grandmother Who Thinks She's Still Hot


Betsy Perry wrote a silly and vacant piece about flirting in the workplace and I want to know, “Who the hell is Betsy Perry?”

Here’s a self-proclaimed ‘successful businesswoman’ who has nothing more to offer the young women of America than bag-lady-gossip and useless advice on blow-outs.

Thanks, Betsy, but you’re tacky and gross in a way that you probably don’t understand. I’m sure you used to be important, but the world has changed. Your opinions of gender politics in the workforce are kind of embarrassing. It’s like the time when John McCain didn’t know better and wore a band-aid on his face and thought it was okay.

Oy. You make us look in the mirror and hope we don’t get old like you.

Please do us all a favor: take your shoulder pads & your botox and make way for a new generation of women. We cringe when we read your 1980s interpretation of whether or not flirting in the workplace is appropriate. We don’t care how much money you made because you were sexually available to powerful men. With age comes wisdom; however, the aging process also condemns you to irrelevancy if you don’t learn any lessons.

Welcome to being irrelevant, Betsy Somebody.

(H/T to Feministing)

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