Flu Shots


The worst thing you can do in this economy is take off an excessive amount of sick time. Whether it’s fair or not, it kills your career.

This is one of the 1,000 reasons why I am a big believer in the flu shot.

I am lucky enough to be self-employed, but I know how it feels to be laid up on my ass while the world passes me by. Last year, I had a regular flu shot but didn’t have access to the H1N1 vaccine. I went to NYC for The Social Recruiting Summit and came home with a virus. So did three of my colleagues. I visited the emergency care center here in Raleigh and they told me that H1N1 was so prevalent that they weren’t even testing for the virus. Just assume you have it, they said. And it’s too late for you to take Tamiflu.

I was sick as a dog. I missed Thanksgiving and it took me a month to recover. If I had a real job, this would have been a nightmare. FMLA. Possible short-term disability. What about colleagues who depend upon me? What about all the important decisions I missed? What if I didn’t qualify for job protection? What if the company could legally fire me? What about missed wages?

It’s awful.

You know what’s worse? Those employees who are scared to take off (due to the aforementioned reasons) and come to work with viruses and colds.

Assholes. And I mean that in the kindest way. It’s not like I don’t have sympathy, but for chrissake…

Get the flu shot.

Now I know some of you have concerns about the vaccine, and I don’t mean to dismiss your fears — except that I do. Personally, I am afraid of using a toothpick. My grandmother once told me a story about a woman who was walking with a toothpick in her mouth. She tripped, fell, and stabbed herself in the back of the throat. This woman drowned in her own blood.

From a toothpick.

And could that really happen? Maybe. Did that really happen? No. Just because my grandmother tells me something doesn’t make it true. Same with Jenny McCarthy and everyone else who is fearful of vaccines.

Get the flu shot.

I know many of you are scared that the flu shot will make your kids autistic, cause cancer, and turn you into a brain-eating zombie. The science says otherwise.

Get the flu shot.

Please get a flu shot and save yourself the risk of dying from influenza. And get a flu shot to prevent spreading the flu to other people with compromised immune systems. Or people who need to go to work and make money.

Get the flu shot.

Do it for Scrubby, if you must.

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