Calling Out Forced Ranking & Jack *Welsh* Welch


HR Marketer published a really great post about rethinking Jack Welsh Welch.

Almost everyone who works in Human Resources associates forced ranking with Jack Welch. Me? I associate infidelity with Jack Welch. Also, let me set the record straight: I hate forced ranking.

The key to any management theory is to implement a sensible program to support the practice; however, management theories are for suckers. Your workforce — especially those in leadership roles — are uneducated, misinformed, and reactionary. Forced ranking is a flawed system and is often used as a short-term solution to address long-term problems related to fiscal irresponsibility and failed leadership.

Forced ranking is pedestrian and patriarchal. It’s lame. You can put safeguards in place to avoid emotions and biases, but you cannot remove the human element from the process.

Here is what I propose to readers who support forced ranking.

  • Implement forced ranking in your family.
  • When your family fails to meet its financial goals, rank your kids and eliminate the underperformers.

If you can implement a forced ranking program for your family, I’ll let you do it for my company. Until then, please shut up already about the brilliance of Jack Welsh Welch. I’m done with him.

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