FOT Power Rankings: PRHR Gets An Honorable Mention


The team at Fistful of Talent likes me — but not enough to rank PRHR on the list of the Top 25 most powerful blogs in the world.

I received an honorable mention, but hey, it’s an honor for this punk rock HR slacker just to be nominated. I didn’t do anything except show up and write; I’m not competitive; and I’ll take an honorable mention — over hard work & intestinal fortitude — any day of the week.

It just so happens that Maren Hogan, one of the judges, will be attending Recruitfest in Toronto. Hmmmm… I’ll be at Recruitfest, too. What a coincidence. I can neither confirm nor deny that I’m interested in paying off the FOT judges, but I will say that Taleo Blog, which happens to be #25 on the most powerful list, better watch its back!

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