F@%k It Friday: Vitamins


I recently started taking a calcium supplement because I am older and my eating is disordered, which is putting it lightly.

I have to take this supplement two times/day — and I also take a vitamin for women who are awesome and still very relevant and somewhat fertile and tremendously pretty.

I get that vitamin at Target.

Apparently vitamins and supplements are no big thang because I have friends who ingest a panoply of vitamins and herbal remedies — from ginger to Echinacea to dried whale snot.

Of course I’m suspicious. I can hear my grandmother in my head. “Just eat better.” But it’s never that easy — and I don’t drink milk — so I’m trying to take better care of myself with a calcium supplement. So that’s my story.

Do you take a multi-vitamin? Or any other herbal remedy? Do you think it’s making a difference?


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