F@%k It Friday: Memoirs


Have you read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened ( A Mostly True Memoir)? It’s on my list. Looks fabulous.

I would really like to be more open and honest with my writing but I have a life that intersects with people who suffer from addiction, mental illness and stupidity. You guys know how I feel. Those aren’t my stories to tell. I also have a family that will lawyer-up at the first sign of a financial opportunity. Fuckers.

So no memoir. Not until they die, anyway. Plus I’m boring. But if I were to write an autobiography, I’d have to give it a punchy title. Here are some thoughts.

  • I Didn’t Ask for Your Opinion: The Life and Times of Laurie Ruettimann
  • White Guys Over 40: The Definitive Book by Laurie Ruettimann
  • Judging You: A True Story

No? No? Dang.

I’ll continue to work on it.

I once asked my husband what the title of his autobiography would be and he told me — King of Parking.

It’s true. He always finds a good spot.

What’s your title?

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