F@%K It Friday: Wills


Pfizer used to offer a flexible spending account (of sorts) for legal-related expenses such as creating a will or an advance directive. I never took advantage of that benefit — and I regret it — because a woman is fighting flesh-eating bacteria right now and it reminds me that her story could be mine.


I just know that if I had the flesh-eating bacteria and all four limbs and part of my abdomen had to be removed, I would make a very specific choice about my treatment. And if I couldn’t articulate my choice because of a breathing tube down my throat or unconsciousness, I would still want my choices to be implemented.

But right now, I’m not sure if other people — beyond my husband — know what I want/expect when my body fails me. And I’m not sure my wishes would be respected unless I had very specific legal instructions.

So I’m motivated. I’m getting a will, an advance directive, and clarifying my power of attorney just in case my husband is also incapacitated at the time.

Do you have a will?

And I’m going to say a silent, atheist prayer for this poor woman and her family. My gosh.

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