F@%k It Friday: Hot & Cold

There are some people who run hot/cold. There are others who simmer and stew.

I run hot and cold. That is not a shock, right? Love, anger, happiness and attachment. Whatever. It is fast. It is intense. And then I’m over it. Let’s get some enchiladas.

My husband is the kind of guy who has a slow, gradual build towards everything in life. When he gets to wherever he is going, it is tough for him to switch it off. So when he is in love with something — me, a new house, a car — it takes him awhile to commit. But when he commits, his feelings don’t easily change.

So it’s a nice balance, I think. I dunno. I could never be with someone like me — or even work with someone like me. I’d punch that person in the face.

How about you? What’s your style? What about the important people in your life?

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