F@#k It Friday: Chores


Mid-week holidays are an opportunity for me to catch up on chores. The one thing I do daily? Scoop litter. It is the single easiest thing in my life. I have four boxes. I hit them with the scooper around 4PM. I double-bag the pee and poo clumps and I walk the litter out to the garbage can in my garage.

If only the rest of my life could be so easy. I hate dusting, vacuuming and doing dishes. I would scoop litter FOREVER if it meant that I never had to do dishes in my life.

But FYI I do dishes daily. And I make my bed daily. I try to vacuum daily but I hate it.

Scooping poop? Bring it.

What about you? What chores do you loathe and love?

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