F@%k It Friday: High School Reunions


I graduated from high school in May 1992. I was seventeen. Although I had a nice group of friends and a good boyfriend, I don’t have amazing memories from high school. I was ready to turn 18 and get on with my life.

And that’s what happened. No pictures, no nostalgia and no issues. All good.

You know what else happened? Facebook. And honestly, there are no surprises in my graduating class. Nobody created Google or Facebook. There doesn’t seem to be much drama. Nobody looks absolutely amazing or awful. In fact, everyone I’ve seen online — or in real life — looks like a normal adult. No big deal.

So I’m not going to my 20-year reunion, next weekend. I am going to a wedding instead.

Did I make the right decision? Did you go to any of your reunions?

And why would I want to revisit this?

(But I will miss seeing a few of you. Have fun without me!)

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