F@%k It Friday: Florida


It’s Friday and I am totally ready for the weekend, but I have to pack my bags on Sunday because I am attending SHRM Florida’s conference in Orlando to speak about HR & social media.

Have you ever been to Florida? I had one of the worst sunburns of my life during a trip to Marco Island. The sun is so strong and I forgot to put sunscreen on my earlobes and the tops of my feet. [ugh!]

So I want to know:

  • Does anyone have a really good story about Florida?
  • Good memories?
  • Did you fight with your siblings and drive your parents crazy at Disney World?

Give me your stories. Have you been to Cape Canaveral? Did you honeymoon down there? Does anyone have a story from Key West? I loved the Hemingway cats and the roosters that walk around town.

Let’s dream about Florida and forget about our unfulfilling careers.

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