F@$k It Friday: Online Reviews


I bought these Nike Free Run+ 3 earlier in 2012 and I really like them for looks.

For running on the hills in NC? They are okay.

But what I really love are the honest customer reviews.

  • Love them when not using them to work out – I can help children cross the street they are so bright.
  • I use these shoes for Zumba because they are light and cushion my feet as well. My knees don’t hurt anymore.


But that’s not the point. Basically, I’m fascinated by people who leave online reviews. I may have left 1–2 reviews in my life, but I’m hardly someone who is invested enough in anything to talk about my feelings about anything.

I know some online reviews are fake, but I also know my friends who pride themselves on reviewing books, bikes, snowboarding shit, etc.

I won’t even review my cats.

Are you someone who writes reviews? Do you read them before you make a purchasing decision? Have you ever come across a review that changed your mind?

Or are you blissfully unaware like me?

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