F@%k It Friday: Christmas Traditions For Non-Believers


I just met a woman in North Carolina who is dating a Syrian man. He is Druze. Or maybe he is Druzian. I’m not sure how to write that.

I am also unclear on where that whole relationship is headed. He can’t marry outside his faith.

And that whole encounter at the mall — really, she told me her life story at the mall — brings me to a greater point.

December is a long month for many people like me.

I embrace the secular versions of Christmas and Hanukkah because I’m spendy and addicted to sugar. I’m a fan of potatoes and latkes are awesome. And my cats have fun knocking down a tree.

But I’m a non-believer. Full stop. There is no god. No spirit. Nothing to celebrate except what we invent to celebrate. That’s what I believe.

Right around December 23rd, I get exhausted.

Are you a non-believer — or a member of the Druze community or any community — who doesn’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah? What do you do with your month? And how do you celebrate (cough cough) Christmas?

I like Chinese food and a movie like the rest of America, but I’m looking for some new ideas.

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