F@%k It Friday: Thank Yous


John Hancock CenterI don’t say thank you enough.

Last week, some of you donated to Hustle Up the Hancock. I’ve exceeded my goal. I want to say thank you to everyone who donated. And I am supported in other ways, too. I have friends who operate as motivational gurus, trainers and ass-kickers. Thanks, everyone!

I was also nominated to speak at the Harvard Business School by my good friend Erin Mitchell. She is the wife of my former colleague Mark Mitchell. They are so thoughtful — and the fact that they thought of me is a huge honor. How do you say thank you besides saying thank you? (The answer is dinner. On me.)

And my husband cleaned out the garage. It looks pretty awesome. Thanks, dude.

Anyway, I have a blog and I can shamelessly humblebrag and say thank you at the same time. But how about you? Is there anyone you want to thank for helping you do awesome things?

This is the place. Today is the day.

You are nothing without your friends. Make sure you remind them that you love them!


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