F%k It Friday: Art


I never went into an art museum until I was in college. I think that’s true. In my mind, I visited the Art Institute of Chicago as a child and high schooler. But in reality, I think I was outside of the old building. I’m not sure I ever went inside even though some of the famous images were always in my head.


But art wasn’t a priority. Art wasn’t real. Art was silly. There was no time.

If I had children, I would force them to appreciate ugly art. Uncomfortable art. Painting. Photography. Sculpture. Old and new. I would tell them — shut up for two seconds and then have an opinion.

That’s what I have to tell myself NOW and I’m 38.

But at least I came to art. Finally. And I am thankful that I can walk into an exhibition in London and now see a line of sight to a picture I love in Chicago.



So please go take your kids to see some art, yo!

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