F@%k It Friday: US Post Office


1116raleighI’ve had enough of people dissing the Post Office.

Okay, fine, the workers are stressed and shoot people. I know that most post offices are dirty and poorly lit. Yeah yeah yeah, I know the lines are long.

Guess what? It’s forty-four cents to mail a letter and the mail comes to your home six days/week (right now). Quityerbitchin. The automated postal machines are pretty good, and the guy who delivers my mail is nice & friendly.

What more do you people want? FedEx and UPS are fine, and my UPS driver is hot, but there’s no free market replacement for the Post Office.

Update: For those of you who want to sing the praises of the free market and hate on unions, check out this post about UPS’s [alleged] behaviors. Overtime lawsuit. FLSA violations. Classy. [Thanks to @adowling for the h/t]

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