F@%K It Friday: Social Media Pet Peeves


I have three social media pet peeves.

  1. Naked feet pictures on Instagram.
  2. People who say/write LITERALLY too much.
  3. Social media updates that start, “Nothing beats…”

That last one goes like this.

  • “Nothing beats ice cream and sunshine.”
  • “Nothing beats a cup of coffee and The NYT crossword puzzle on a Sunday morning.”
  • “Nothing beats a great job with a fabulous boss who supports you no matter what.”

You know what beats all of that? Sex.

Sex literally beats all of those examples. In fact, you can’t come up with an example where sex doesn’t beat it. I dare you.

Also, here are my feet. Now excuse me while I gag because this is literally the grossest thing I have posted in weeks.


Tell me your biggest social media pet peeves.

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