F@%k It Friday: Zoos


Lonely Monkey Ape at ZooI know you guys have kids. You need to kill time on the weekends and during long holiday weeks. You take your children to the zoo. You let them gawk at gay penguins and make fun of chimpanzees who fling poop.

That’s cool, I guess, but I think zoos are gross.

I didn’t always feel this way. My parents took us to zoos and I’ve been to some of the better ones in this country. Because I lived in the city, zoos served an important purpose in my life. The only cow I had ever seen before college was at Lincoln Park Zoo.

So I went back to zoos in my 20s on dates. Killing time. Walking around. Something to do, right?

But I always thought, sheesh, this is sad.

Aquariums, too.

I know that animals in the wild don’t have it easy, either. And if I am an elephant, I am not sure if I would rather have freedom from poachers or a wide open territory where someone wants my tusks.

Tough call.

What do you think? To zoo or not to zoo?

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