F@%K It Friday: Best Wedding Gifts


Towelie from South Park holding a bong.The last two weddings have been all about one thing: towels.

A new set of towels means a fresh start. Clean, soft, absorbent towels can change the world. And I have been married for over 10 years. We received eight of the best bath-hand-washcloth-towel sets in America. Then I bought a few more sets for additional bathrooms.

And we are still using those damn towels.

But I’m in the market for new towels, myself. I am due. Except the problem is that good towels are so damn expensive, which is why I told my husband that I want to renew my vows. We had a destination wedding. I want to do a vow renewal ceremony in Chicago and register for some great stuff.

That’s not gonna happen.

So in the meantime, I will buy towels for other people.

I want to know: Besides money, what do you think the best wedding gift is?

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