F@%k It Friday: Growing Out Your Hair


leoI have been growing out my hair, and it is tough because I deal with my anxiety by cutting my hair. It is an unfortunate pattern that has played out my entire life in ridiculous ways.

(I didn’t have access to Zoloft and Klonopin when I was a kid but I did have access to bleach and razors.)

If I could get away with it, I would crop my hair and bleach it. Yes, just like Beyonce. Except now I’m older and I would look like a tired soccer mom from the Midwest who used to consider herself edgy.

Which is exactly what I am — without the kids and the dogs.

Right now, I am traveling and running. Short hair isn’t practical for 100 reasons. So I haven’t had a proper haircut since sometime in 2012. It’s not because I want long, flowing hair. It’s because I want to pull this shit in a ponytail and not look like Leonardo DiCaprio.

(Although I need a haircut pretty badly. Ugh.)

Long, flowing hair in any ethnic category is overrated. And women who develop “hair security blankets” are just as weird as someone like me who chops the shit out of her hair.

But if you are trying to grow out your hair, I have one tip: Stop looking in the mirror.

That’s the single thing that has helped me to stop worrying about what I look like. And once I stopped looking, it got easier to stop thinking about cutting it off.

What are your tips for growing out your hair???

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