F@%k It Friday: Canine Paralympics


My husband and I are both clients and supporters of North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

(Scrubby, Emma and Molly receive research-focused care by veterinarians, students and scientists. Jake is just fine, yo.)

We just attended the 22nd Annual Dog Olympics and it was awesome. The most touching part of the day was the Dog Paralympics.

Dog Paralympics focuses on the bond owners of paraplegic dogs have with their pets and the special activity is a “Best Decorated Cart” competition.

I learned so much! I never knew dogs with spinal cord injuries could still move their rear legs. I never knew that dog owners have to “express” their injured dog’s bladder because the dog can’t pee on its own. And I never knew there was stem cell research — and even research into the efficacy of cranberry in reducing urinary tract infections in dogs — happening right on that campus.

I haven’t spent any time with paralyzed dogs. The one important thing I learned? These dogs don’t know they are paralyzed. These pups were mobile and very happy to be with their owners.

It was inspiring.

Have you spent any time with injured dogs? Have you cared for a paralyzed dog? Tell us about it!

And go check out the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine website!

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