F@&k It Friday: A Day to Yourself


laurie saying hi to jennifer mcclure!What would you do if you could have the day all to yourself?

As a former human resources chick who is now a struggling writer, every day is a day to myself. But I have a consulting practice that puts me on the phone 2-3 hours/day. And my husband has been consulting during the past nine months, too. When he isn’t golfing like every other tall white guy, we share a workspace and see one another constantly.

I don’t often have a day to myself. I wonder — why am I not back in human resources with an easy job that doesn’t require that much effort on my part? Why is my phone ringing at 6:30 AM? Why are people complaining to me about social media, marketing and HR technology? And as my own boss, why are 100 people telling me what to do?! What the hell is this all about? Why aren’t people calling me to talk about my cats?

So when I do have a day to myself, it looks like this.

  1. I wake up early.
  2. I drink strong coffee and head to the beach.
  3. During my drive to the beach, I listen to NPR and the BBC.
  4. I don’t talk to anyone.
  5. When I get to the beach, I don’t put up an umbrella. I want to feel the sun.
  6. I get wet in the ocean. I make sure that I am covered in salt water from head-to-toe.
  7. I reapply sunscreen.
  8. I nap, I read, I write.
  9. I steal wifi and post pictures of my fabulous life on social media properties to make myself feel better.
  10. I listen to stupid guided meditation recordings.
  11. I nap a little more.
  12. I eat a light lunch.
  13. I take another nap.
  14. When I think I am awake and refreshed, I force myself to nap another fifteen minutes.
  15. At about 2pm,  I text people and ask them — what are you doing right now? Then I tell them I am at the beach.
  16. Sometimes I say that I am sorry for having such a great day . . . but I am not sorry.
  17. Before I drive home from the beach, I stop at CVS and get a frozen Snickers ice cream bar.
  18. I eat the shit out of that ice cream bar.
  19. Then I drive home listening to crappy alternative bands on my satellite radio.
  20. I still haven’t really talked to anyone. It’s awesome not to hear the sound of my own voice.

One thing that is required on a day that is dedicated to myself? I always count my blessings and think about how the small choices in my 20s — good and bad — impact the way my late 30s have unfolded.

I wonder: if you had a day to yourself, what would it look like?

Dream with me! Then do it!

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