F@%k It Friday: Hoarders


It’s Friday and I know you are sick of working or looking for work. Let’s talk TV because I am addicted to the show HOARDERS.

  • Have you seen it?
  • Are you shocked by it?
  • Has anyone gagged while watching the show? (I almost threw up when I saw the dead cats in the attic.)

I am not sure if hoarding is a disease that is unique to America, but I’ll tell you this much — hoarding is the least of your concerns if you are willing to live in filth and clutter. You think it’s okay to have rotting food in your fridge because throwing it away is wasteful? You won’t vacuum because you are afraid that you are somehow killing your dog? You want to hang on to prescription medicine from 1995?

You are nuts. Let’s stop talking about the stuff and start talking about how you need to be on Prozac.

The show is fascinating and I wonder if any of you know hoarders. Are you a hoarder? Do we need to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to clean out your house?

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