F@%k It Friday: Different Outcomes


106-0623_IMGThis photo is from early 2002. Ken and I were in Galena, IL. He booked a room at a B&B. I packed nice underwear. I thought I was getting engaged.

Turns out we were just having a nice weekend.

Huh. Okay.

And our weekend wasn’t all that nice. We slept at a bed and breakfast with creepy stuffed animals in our room. The jacuzzi was broken. The owner said, “If you want to turn on the tub, just knock on the walls.”

Uh, no.

Also, I put cream in my coffee and it was spoiled. Came out in clumps. Whenever my husband wants to make me throw up, which is surprisingly often during the past 11 years, he mentions that moment.


Had Ken proposed to me, that weekend, I might have lost my shit. It turns out that Galena is incredibly cold and dull in March. It’s near Iowa, which should tell you something right there. And after looking at 100 different antique stores, we went to Dubuque so we could gamble on a riverboat.

Ever have one of those moments where you thought something was going to turn out one way and it turns out the opposite way?

Except it didn’t turn out the opposite way in the end. Funny how that happens, too. I got married! Got some cats! Got to be a writer, yo!

It all works out in the end . . . even if we don’t see that at the time.


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