F@%k It Friday: December Vacations


mexico vacation rentalsLast week, I sat next to a woman on a plane who was flying to see her kids and grand kids for the first time since her husband died.

She has been all over the world with her husband. They traveled to places like Japan, Mexico and Brazil on a regular basis.

“Have you been to Mexico?” she asked.

Oh man, that’s a loaded question. I told her yes and that I didn’t think I would go back.

That’s when she told me that, late last year, her husband’s company closed its operations in several Mexican cities because of the ‘drug lords and kidnappings’.

And this summer, while her husband was losing his battle against cancer, some of the employees in Mexico found her home phone number and called for help. They felt abandoned by their former employer. They were afraid for their lives. And they were mad at her husband.

So this poor woman was overwhelmed.

“What did you do?” I asked.

She said, “I called the company’s security team. After that, no one called us. But I still worry about them.”

Wow. So sad.

Are you going on vacation in December? Where are you going? Mexico???

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