F@&k It Friday: Cleaning


We’ve had a f–k it, it’s Friday discussions about casual clothing, Crocs, and Vegas. This week? Cleaning.

I was featured on the Alice blog and I wrote about my favorite cleaning products and methodologies. Here are some items that didn’t make it to the website:

  • I don’t wear pants when I clean the house. Seriously. Why get a pair of yoga pants dirty?
  • The best way to clean up cat puke on carpet? Let it dry. Vacuum it up. Then use cleaning products, if needed.
  • My dream house will have a big, double sink — think french farmhouse — and poured concrete countertops.

I stand by my assertion that the Swiffer is the best invention in the history of mankind. Second best invention? The magic eraser.

You’re busy with work, your kids, your parents, and your life. Do you clean your own house? What are your cleaning tips? What are your favorite products?

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