F@%k It Friday: Halloween Memories


In Part II of our F@%k It Friday Halloween series, I’d like you to share your best or most vivid Halloween memory.

I have fun memories of homemade costumes and parties. When I was younger, my Mom had more time to dedicate to Halloween. As I grew older, she had more kids and worked crazy hours to support our family. So here’s my favorite story.

My mom sent me out to trick-or-treat with my sister, Carolyn. She was three and I was thirteen — and I didn’t have a costume. My Mom put my hair in rollers, gave me a pair of pantyhose to wear, stuffed a pillow in my belly, dressed me in a muumuu, and handed me a pair of slippers. She told me that I was a pregnant housewife.

We lived on the northwest side of Chicago and people just assumed I was Carolyn’s unwed teen-age mother who was knocked up for a second time. Yes, we lived in that kind of classy neighborhood. I had to explain my costume to justify getting candy.

“No, I’m not a pregnant girl. Seriously, this is my costume. Can I have some candy, too?”

What’s your most vivid Halloween memory? What was your most outrageous costume?

Comments are open. It’s Friday. Waste some time and take a walk down memory lane with me!

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