F@%k It Friday: Weather & Small Talk


Do you Gen Y kids know who this is?

This guy likes weather.

We have an important topic, today, that emerged from my latest conference in Chicago. I met a guy who told me that there is one thing that unites humanity. It’s weather.

  • No matter where you are or what you do, you experience some aspect of the meteorological cycle.
  • When we reach for something to talk about, no matter where we are in the world or who we’re talking to, we reach for the weather.
  • Weather is the universal ice breaker.

And this guy? He hates it. He wants to find something else, other than weather, to break the mothereffin ice. So I’m enlisting your support.

Do we have one universal ice breaker that works in all countries, cultures, and regions? Is it weather? Can we replace it? Should we replace it? What would we replace it with?

It’s Friday — and the forecast is 60 degrees in sunny in Raleigh. Rats, I can’t get this concept out of my brain. Have a drink, kick back, and contemplate the weather, humanity, and awkward small talk.

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