F@%k It Friday: Happiness


I had a friend ask, “Simple question, Laurie. Are you happy?”

I responded, “I’m not a simple girl.”

That’s such a stupid answer and I immediately regretted it. Those are the kinds of answers that make me want to puke in my mouth. So let me try answering this again.

  • Of course I am happy.
  • I have an awesome life.
  • I don’t want for anything.

Am I always happy? Pffffft, no way. I have flaws. I am hypercritical. Aways on edge, dissatisfied, looking for meaning where meaning doesn’t exist. I am kind of melancholic when it’s unnecessary. Let me clarify: I am moody.

But yeah, I am happy. I’m just not stupid happy. I anticipate sorrow in life. I am ready for it. Always.

So let me ask you a simple question: are you happy?

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