F@%k It Friday: Worst Present Ever


Oh my god. I hate when a holiday gift exchange goes bad.

Uh, yeah, not like I have examples from my real life or anything.

  • Like when your grandmother gives you a Michael Jackson t-shirt — but it’s 1990 and you’re into Depeche Mode.
  • Or when your coworker re-gifts a Lenox ornament from two years ago — and you know it, you thank her for the gift, and she acts all put out because you didn’t get her anything.
  • When you give someone the Bobbi Brown Beauty book because it’s kind of helpful — but this person thinks you’re really saying, “You’re ugly.”

Ahhhh, the holidays.

Let’s not just limit this to December. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received? What’s the worst gift you’ve given?

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