F@%k It Friday: Your Worst Vacation Ever


You knew this was coming after my nightmare in London. Tell me about your worst vacation or business trip.

I was standing at security at Newark, the other day, and a man asked me about my trip. He said, “You look horrible. Are you okay?”

I told him that I was having a difficult experience — but I was on my way home to my wonderful husband and cats. I asked him how his travels were going. Are you on vacation? Going someplace fun? Somewhere warm & sunny?

He said, “I’m en route from Edinborough to Toronto to testify in a lawsuit. This is the third time. My wife and I vacationed along Lake Ontario, last year. She was walking along the lake in the morning, tripped, broke her cheekbone, rolled into the water. She drowned. Now I’m locked in a lawsuit. We are arguing about the value of her life. I hope this is my last trip to Canada.”

Holy shit. I offered my condolences and we said goodbye.

So how about you? Had a bad vacation?  Messed up travel plans? Missing passports or IDs? Anyone die?

Give me your worst stories, yo.

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