F@%k It Friday: Stragers & Confessions


When you go to DC, you have to eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl. That’s what the magazines tell ya, anyway. It just so happens that I was in the area with some friends. None of us were very hungry and we weren’t drunk enough to scarf down the fifth meal of the day, so we decided to have drinks at Ben’s Next Door lounge.

It was an awesome decision.

The ambiance was great, the drinks were strong, and our server was amazing. I won’t tell you much about her. She has a story and I respect her privacy. I will say this: she told us about a mistake she made, how she almost lost someone close to her, and the steps she needs to take in order to repair this relationship.

Wow. I’m rooting for her.

So I wonder if people tell you random stories? Has a stranger ever shared an intimate secret with you? Has that secret led you to discover something greater about yourself?

It’s Friday. Tell me your story.

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