F@%k It Friday: Bracketology


It’s Friday and I had a long week at ERE Expo 2010. I don’t want to talk about career advice or Human Resources. I want to talk about college basketball.

Wait, no, I don’t.

I live in the Raleigh/Durham area, which is home to some good basketball schools, but I could give two craps about the NCAA tournament.

  • NC State? The only thing I know about the school is that it’s near Locopops.
  • Duke? They have a coach who thinks he can write business books. Barf.
  • UNC? I just learned that Chapel Hill is next to a town called Carrboro, where I’ve been 100 times. Obviously I’m not attached.

There you go. My extensive summary of college hoops. I’m not even sure if those schools are in the tournament. Instead, I wanted to give you my Final Four brackets for my cats. As many of you know, I have five cats. Lucy gets disqualified because she is old. If I have to pick a winner — one cat who can beat all the other cats — it goes like this.

  • The West Coast division is easy to predict. Although Jake weighs more than Molly, she can take him down because he has no balls. Truly.
  • In the East, I like Scrubby. While Emma has some poonchy heft, Scrubs is lithe and quick.

In the end, though, Molly will take Scrubby down. I’ve seen it. She will cut a bitch.

Anyone want to rank their pets? You have NCAA predictions? It’s Friday. I have missed you, my darlings. I want to waste your company’s time together.

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