F@%k It Friday: Smokers


It’s Friday and I am just back from NYC. What I like about that town is that smoking is banned. I mean, the girls under 30 all smoke to stay skinny — but you can’t smoke in bars, restaurants, or clubs. Some landlords won’t let you smoke in your apartment.

It’s 2010. There is this thing called cancer. I just don’t get it. Who smokes, these days? Can anyone afford this habit? Do you smoke? Why don’t you quit?

Side note: I was at the bird store, the other day, and some dude was talking with one of those machines on his throat. It’s North Carolina. Tobacco Road. Not an uncommon site, unfortunately.

So give me the scoop.

  • Are smokers victims or corporate marketing schemes and toxic chemicals? (Whoa.)
  • Are smokers people who make bad moral choices? (Whoa.)
  • Are smokers just normal people who have a habit and we should stop being so judgy as we shove burgers and fries into our pieholes? (Whoa.)

Got something to say about smoking?

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