F@%k It Friday: Romance & Sexy Time


Amanda Thinks I'm Sexy

Amanda Thinks I'm Sexy!

I can’t believe it’s Friday. Ignore the pile of work on your desk and talk to me about romance.

My husband has been gone, all week, and he will be home on Friday night. Lucky for him, I’m a different kind of girl. I’m not sentimental, nor am I very romantic. For example, I think candle-lit showers and baths are gross. Here’s a tip for my next husband: your bathtub will never be clean enough. If you want to romance me, don’t ask me to soak in your germy water.

What about you? What’s a ‘traditionally romantic’ thing that you think is stupid? Do you hate flowers?  Do you refuse to pay for dinner on the first date? When was the last time you bought a box of candy and a Hallmark card for your sweetie?

If you are anti-romance, I want to know why. Are you jaded, cynical, or cheap? I am cynical and I think romance is about the subtleties in life. Do the laundry. That’s totally sexy.

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