F@%k It Friday: Netflix


Until I come up with another title, F@%k It Friday is back. This week, I want to talk about Netflix.

My husband and I have been customers of Netflix since 2000-ish. We have two DVDs at a time and we locked in a low rate. We pay 52¢ a month — or something totally cheap like that. Basically, Netflix is paying us to be customers. And we just started streaming movies because Ken got a fancy PS Box gaming system that allows you to do fancy things on the internet.

Anyway, we use our Netflix queue to watch movies we miss at the theaters — but our entire queue is nothing but one depressing art movie after another. Sometimes we’ll watch a mainstream film and it will also be moody as hell, too. We watched The Visitor, the other night, and Ken was like, “We’ve got to do something about this, Laur.”

No shit. I’m sick of spending my Saturday nights having existential crises.

Do you have any recommendations for our list of movies? What do we need to see? What’s totally NOT worth seeing? Can you recommend a movie that will challenge our minds without causing us to question the very meaning of life?

No Disney, please. I find that just as depressing as Paradise Now.

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