F@%k It Friday: Free Stuff


Today is National Hairball Awareness Day. No, really. We’re writing about it over on Scrubby’s blog. I am not someone who normally jumps at the opportunity to write about hairballs and cat fuzz, but Furminator gave me a free furmanatin’ tool in exchange for making these awesome creatures.

My friend, Jenny, thinks that these creatures are one step above Mr. Hankey. Hm. Ken and I had a blast (sorta) making these weird animals and it was totally worth it because the new Furminator is a rockstar tool. Only the best for my ginger pee cat, right?

So it reminded me that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who love free stuff (for the sake of being free) and those who could care less. In my family, the motto is simple. “For free, take.” It must be alive in other families, too, because I attend HR conferences and crazy women grab the lamest stuff. Yo-yos. Mouse pads. Plastic cups. Hand santizers. Most of that crap is garbage and will end up in landfills.

And I see the motto in action when I go to Costco and crazy old people are cruising the aisles for free food. It doesn’t matter that you don’t like veggie soy dumplings. For free? Take. (Take two. Your pension is running out.)

Are you someone who will take anything for free? Or are you someone who hates clutter and activley avoids free stuff?

I’ll tell you what. I would take a Volvo C70 for free right about now. That would do just fine.

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