F@%k It Friday: Chicks & Beer


I don’t drink beer. It makes me burp, it makes me fat, and it makes me stupid.

I would just rather drink Pepsi and stay sober.

But I know plenty of chicks who drink beer. In fact, it’s something the women of my generation (Gen X) do to distinguish themselves as interesting & complex & masculine. (There. I said it.) The chicks who drink microbrews? OMG, don’t mess with them. They can do anything: solve math problems, watch football, and play sports. Go equality!

Are you a chick who drinks beer? Do you drink Keystone Light or a fancy mircobrew? Are you a dude who hates beer? Do other men mock you? Does anyone really like the taste of light beer?! (Gross.)

Give us the deets. And PS — what really bothers me is when a woman looks like a stereotype, acts like a stereotype, and drinks like a stereotype. If your hair is ratty and you’re wearing denim cut-off shorts and rocking an MGD bottle while smoking, I’m going to shake my head at you. I’m sorry.

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