F@%k It Friday: Jamz


There are two kinds of people in this world: pajamas or naked.

That’s right. You either wear pajamas to bed or you sleep in the nude. I prefer pajamas because I don’t want to run around naked & looking for cats when the house catches on fire at 3AM.

I really do let these crazy anxieties govern my life, don’t I?

Posh Spice once said that she sleeps in the nude because you can’t do anything but be naked when you are married to David Beckham. I say — David Beckham understands that I need to rock my Nautica jamz in order to save Scrubby from a house fire. He gets me like that.

How about you? Pajamas? Sweats? Some variation of clothing? Are you a dude who wears Desi Arnaz pajamas?

Now if you’ll excuse me, David Beckham wants me to dance around, make him happy, and rock some Hanes Her Way under my jamz.

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