F@%k It Friday: Music or Talk in the Car?


I am done with terrestrial radio. I am a SiriusXM customer. I listen to both music and talk radio while I drive. Gone are the days when I was willing to listen to NPR during a pledge drive. Screw it. I want a mix of music and talk — and I don’t want to hear commercials.

My husband is a podcast guy. In fact, he can’t listen to music while he drives. When I play my iPod in the car, he gets antsy. Music seems to bore him.

And I know other people who are hooked on sports radio. All day long. Dudes in my hometown of Chicago want to talk Cubs, Bulls, and Bears. Maybe not in that order. When they aren’t talking about sports, they are talking about sports. In other words, it’s a sickness.

What do you listen to in the car? What are your preferences? Anything you can’t stand to hear in the car?

I can’t do books on tape. They make me sleepy.

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