F@%k It Friday: Accents


I rock a weird Chicago/midwest accent. I can’t help it.

And sometimes I’m a dork and unintentionally (and poorly) mimic someone else’s accent. I fall into that trap here in North Carolina. I’ve never said the word y’all in my life until recently when I was standing in line at Belk, talking to some old lady, and started speaking with an awful twang.

What? What?!

Don’t even ask me to karaoke to British music. It’s part Bill Boorman and part train wreck. My friends at HireVue have witnessed that spectacle. It’s sad.

How about you? Do you have an accent? Do you weirdly mimic people? Do you have a different accent than your children? (Do they sound like assholes to you, too? No? Oh, well, sorry. I’m sure your kids are lovely and smart.)

I wish I had a cool accent but instead I sound like a plumber who eats hot dogs. I can assure you — I’m not.

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