F@%k It Friday: Stimulus


You know how the Republicans are always saying that companies need tax breaks? Well, wealthy people in America don’t make money on personal income — they make money on capital gains. And capital gains tax rates in America are pretty low, right now.

But whatever. If we can lower tax rates for companies and stimulate the economy, we can certainly give regular folks another round of stimulus — i.e., cash money — and ask ’em to stimulate the economy.

For me, I would like $10,000 cash. Here is how I would spend it.

  1. Scrubby needs a treadmill. $490
  2. I want these shoes. $800
  3. And I’d like this purse. $2,975.00
  4. These sunglasses would do. $200
  5. Sculptra treatment. $1000
  6. This desk. $1500
  7. This couch. $3360

Crap. I’m over.

How would you spend $10,000? Don’t tell me you would spend it on your kids. I don’t want to hear that nonsense.

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