F@%k It Friday: Quirks


I have a few quirks.

  1. I can’t buy one bar of soap, one roll of toilet paper, or one bottle of shampoo. Seems like a waste of a trip. You know you need more. You’ll use it up. And then you’ll be out. Better buy two at a time.
  2. I can’t get one hand wet without wetting the other one.
  3. I can’t have two of the same color cups touching one another. If they’re clear, I am cool with it. Colored? Nope. Can’t have that in my cabinets.
  4. I don’t like the feeling of bed sheets or blankets on my toe nails. Not my toes. My toe nails.
  5. If Ken talks about mussing up my eyebrows, I need to smooth them. When he smooths his eyebrows, I need to smooth mine. We call this ‘sympathetic eyebrow smoothing disorder’.

Don’t even get me started on my system for organizing cat food.

Yeah, I’ve got some quirks. What are yours?

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