F@%k It Friday: Weird Scars


Today I want to talk about weird scars.

My dead cat, Lucy, was pretty awesome. Nothing fazed her. So when she was a kitten, I tried to introduce her to Peaches the family dog.

Lucy wasn’t having that shit. No way. She crawled up onto the top of my head via my mouth. I had a rip from the corner of my lip to my cheek.

When you’re scratched by a cat, the incision often infects. I was lucky with Lucy — I didn’t have an infection, but I have a fine scar on my face. Now that I’m older, the damn scar is starting to fold into a wrinkle.


And when I wear make-up — with or without a primer — the fold in my face collects my foundation.

It’s less noticeable than Tina Fey’s scar and less disgusting than Heath Ledger’s face (as The Joker) — but I know it’s there and it bugs me.

What about you? What’s your weird scar? And furthermore, what’s the weird story behind that scar?

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