F@%k It Friday: Motorcycles


I like to split the world into groups.


I’m part of the group of people in the world who hate motorcycles. I think they are stupid, dangerous, and dumb. And the people who don’t wear helmets are even dumber. My mom (ex-cop) told me stories of seeing skin and brains on pavement.

You can’t pay me to get on a motorcycle.

God, I love that episode.

My husband used to own a motorcycle. Not a Harley but not one of those souped-up-crotch-rockets, either. He had it back in the 90s when he had a life. We got married. No Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift on my watch. (Wait, did that have motorcycles? I’m not sure.) So he sold it to another guy who’s wife had misgivings about motorcycles but was less of a shrew.

I don’t even like mopeds.

So where do you fall in this spectrum? Love or hate motorcycles? And if you love ’em, what is your brand?

My brand is safety. Call me crazy.

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