F@%k It Friday: Worst Halloween Costumes at Work


I may have told this story before but I worked for a company that allowed and encouraged employees to dress up for Halloween — until one time a grown man came to work wearing a disposable diaper and a pacifier around his neck.

He announced to his colleagues, “I’m a baby.”

It’s always one asshat employee who ruins it for everyone.

I wonder why people lose their minds on Halloween. It’s a day where you can wear a costume. That’s it. Who told you it was a day to shove your fat ass into a “punk princess stripper” ensemble?

Dudes are even worse. Check out the worst costume ever. It’s so gross that I can’t even show it to you.

I wonder — what’s the worst Halloween costume you’ve ever seen at work? What’s the best? Do you dress up at the office?

I could sap the fun out of a circus so don’t talk to me about costumes. I also don’t want to talk about how to buy sexy Halloween costumes or wearing sexy Halloween costumes at work.

Don’t look for tips here.

No thanks.

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