F@%k It Friday: Love Songs


I don’t have ‘a song’ with my husband — or any man — because I was born in 1975 and I have always dated practical, cynical, older guys. Gen Xers. Men who know how to fix things. Men who (still) read comic books and wear Doc Martens. Men who grew up idolizing their WWII War Hero grandfathers.

No song. It’s not for lack of trying. It’s just that every man I’ve ever dated (cough cough just a few) has tried to seduce me with music from the album Avalon by Roxy Music.

Every. Single. One. Including my husband.

I can’t possibly have ‘a song’ with Ken — especially a song I like — because every man I’ve ever dated tried to score to the sweet soundtrack of Brian Ferry.

It’s now kind of sad. I am like Pavlov’s dog. I was walking through Walgreens on Sunday and I heard More Than This.

Suddenly I was DTF in the toothpaste aisle.

So I wonder — what’s your song with your sweetie? And do you share that song with another sweetie? Did you dance to that song at a special event? Hear that song play in the car and decide it was yours?

Tell me your song. I just hope it’s not More Than This.

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