F@%k It Friday: Bad News


Bad news comes in all forms. Job loss. Death of a friend or family member. An old boyfriend going to jail. Whatever. Not talking about bad news in my life. Nope. Not at all.

I used to be in the business of delivering bad news. HR is a tricky business so I would show up — no matter where the location and when — to make sure the message was heard from me. I wanted to be sure to provide an opportunity to answer questions and provide peace of mind, too.

I think that’s right way to go about life.

Except now I hear bad news and I’m like — yeah, next time just send me a text.

No need to call. No need to buy me a drink. Let me hear the bad news and process the information in the privacy of my own home.

Of course I always want to hear from someone if a loved one has died. But everything else? I dunno. Hardly seems worth the effort when a text will do just fine. Don’t make me put on socks and lip gloss and drive across town just to hear some news that will make me sad. I’d rather be sad at home. That’s where my ice cream is located.

So send me a Facebook status update or just call me and leave a voice mail if you have bad news. Really, I don’t mind. You won’t offend me — except if someone dies. Then call.

All these rules. Harrumph! What do you think? How do you want to hear bad news?

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